Friday, November 20, 2009

Worker's Compensation issues for Ohio Business Doing Business in States Other Than Ohio

If you own or operate a business in Ohio, you are most likely carrying Ohio Worker's Compensation Insurance through the State of Ohio's Bureau of Worker's Compensation. If you pay an employee more than $160/quarter, you are required by law to do this. If your business takes you or your employees to other states, you need to be aware of the specific state's Worker's Compensation requirements. Depending on the circumstances, your Ohio Worker's Compensation may protect you and your workers in other states under the terms of Ohio's Worker's Compensation laws. There may be a problem, however, in Kentucky, for example where their Worker's Compensation governing bodies and laws do not recognize Ohio's Worker's Compensation Policies. In that case you may need to buy Worker's Compensation in the state where you or your employees are temporarily working. Many of these new issues are evolving as states scramble for revenue because of the current recession, so before going into other states on business, please check with that state's Worker's Compensation authorities to see if you need state-specific Worker's Compensation in addition to your coverage in Ohio or any other state.