Thursday, November 5, 2009

Identity Theft: A Fast Growing Crime

Identity theft is becoming a major concern as it has become one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Victims face the task of notifying and communicating with creditors, debt collectors, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, national credit bureaus and others in an attempt to restore their good credit standing. The cost of all of this can mount up.
You can add Identity Theft coverage to your Homeowner Policy to provide protection for these costs in the event you are forced to reclaim your identity and financial status. The additional premium is minimal.
One of our fine insurance companies is even providing Advocacy Services which gives you access to a qualified personal advocate to provide you with useful information and guidance to address the theft of your identity quickly.
What is identity theft? Identity theft is the unlawful use of another person’s identifying information, such as name, address, phone number or Social Security number to obtain credit fraudently from banks or retailers, steal money from existing accounts or open new accounts
for financial gain, apply for loans or other similar fraudulent activities.
Reclaiming your identity and restoring a damaged credit record following identity theft can take a considerable amount of time and expense.
The advocate that one of our leading insurance companies uses, provides easy access to a qualified person to assist you with the paperwork, telephone calls and other tasks required to address your situation quickly.
In addition, identity theft insurance will pay up to an amount ($25,000 with some companies subject to a $250 deductible) for expenses such as notarized fraud affidavits, certified mail and long distance telephone calls to law enforcement and credit rating agencies, loan application fees when required to reapply for a loan denied due to identity theft, reasonable attorney fees to defend against lawsuits, to remove wrongly entered criminal or civil judgments or to challenge the accuracy or completeness of information in your consumer credit report. It will also cover lost wages at $250 per day up to $10,000 when you take off work to meet with law enforcement agencies, legal counsel or similar related activities (included within the $25,000 limit of insurance).
Please contact us about this additional protection to your Homeowner Policy now.