Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Safeguard Your Home from Burglary

In 2007, the last year with full statistics, there were an estimated 2.2 million burglaries, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Burglaries represent more than 22 percent of property crimes committed in 2007, and of these burglaries, 61 percent involved forcible entry. Burglary offenses represented $4.3 billion in losses, an average of nearly $2,000 per burglary, and nearly 68 percent of burglaries were residential.

Surprising to many is that nearly 64 percent of burglaries occurred during the daytime. Below are some suggestions that should help you from becoming a statistic:

- Keep exterior views of your home unobstructed and trim landscaping back to expose windows and doors. This requires a burglar to work in full view and poses a serious risk of detection.

-Maintain adequate exterior lighting at access points to your home.

-Put your ladder away. Do not provide easy access for the burglar to gain entrance.

-Do not keep valuables, such as bicycles and tools, in the open.

-Keep your garage door closed and locked. An open garage door allows a crook to see valuables stored in your garage.

-Make sure your house number is prominently displayed and illuminated to help emergency responders find your home quickly.

-Do not leave notes on your door that might indicate your home is unoccupied.