Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BMV Starts to Charge Late Fees

The Ohio Insurance Institute reminded Ohio motorists that new late fees are in place for driver’s license and vehicle plate renewals.
New Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) requirements call for transactions to be completed within seven days of the expiration date or be assessed $20 per transaction.
“This means that if you have two cars that require plate renewals and a driver’s license that also needs renewed, you’ll be charged an additional $60 if your plates and license aren’t renewed within seven days following your birthday, “said OII President Daniel J. Keiso.
To avoid late charges, Ohio motorists should renew plates and their driver’s licenses on or before their birthdays.
Prior law gave Ohio motorists their entire birth-date month to renew plates and licenses.
The new BMV regulation only provides a seven-day window before assessing a late charge.